We provide high quality work for the property preservation industry, with a keen focus on customer service.


At Brewer’s Property Preservation, we aren’t only in the business of preserving properties. We’re also in the business of ensuring each and every one of our customers remain highly satisfied. Let’s face it… this industry is tough. With clients who are constantly searching for quicker turnaround times and lower costs, it’s easy to become disgruntled with your property preservation provider. At Brewer’s Property Preservation, we understand this delicate balance, and we do everything in our power to provide the absolute highest quality of service — both at our properties and with our customers.


About us


Brewer’s Property Preservation is based out of Memphis, TN and was founded out of necessity. As field contractors for a smaller, regional property preservation company, we saw the need to complete work on time and in full while maintaining a healthy, positive relationship with property owners. As we continued to fine-tune our processes, we also began to notice the breakdown in communication between the property owners, the regional property preservation companies, and contractors in the field. Getting information about a specific work order proved to be a tedious task that required hours of communication, which ultimately lead to late or incomplete work orders and dissatisfied customers. This reflected poorly on both the field contractors and the regional preservation companies, which wasn’t beneficial for any party.

Seeing an opportunity to work with like-minded field contractors, who also strove for perfection in their work, timeliness in its completion, and solid relationships with their customers, Brewer’s Property Preservation was founded. As we grew, we continued building long-lasting relationships with our customers and property owners, and, more importantly, we continued to provide excellence in the work assigned to us. This standard for excellence drove high national scores and eventually allowed for expansion to four southern states.

As we continue to accept a higher workload volume from our existing customers, build new relationships with clients and property owners, and complete all assigned work in a timely and professional manner, our expansion efforts continue to push us forward. We remain conscious of our volume capacity, and constantly seek to partner with other contractors and service providers with the same dedication to the property preservation industry.

Brewer’s Property Preservation currently services Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Our Promise


Brewer’s Property Preservation promises to always strive for absolute excellence in the work we have the privilege to complete for our clients, and to always provide unprecedented customer service to our contractors and property owners. We understand the property preservation industry is demanding and stressful. We strive to bring assurance and peace of mind to our clients across our entire service area.


Brewer’s Property Preservation’s Recent News



In February 2019, we accepted additional coverage areas in the states of Arkansas and Louisiana. If you are in need of a particular service in these states, or if you are a contractor who would like to learn more about Brewer’s Property Preservation, our team would love to hear from you. We look forward to continued growth in 2019!



Brewer’s Property Preservation is expanding, and we are searching for new contractors to provide additional coverage for our region! If you are interested in a Field Contractor position in the property preservation industry, head over to Become a Contractor to submit a quick information form for additional information about this position.



We are excited to announce that Brewer’s Property Preservation now services the entire state of Mississippi for multiple national service providers. If you require a regional property preservation service provider for this region of the country, please review our services and reach out to our dedicated team with any questions you may have.



Brewer’s Property Preservation announced this week that its fleet of heavy equipment allows the company to now provide new and exciting services to the property preservation industry, such as complete demolitions, land clearing, and more. Reach out to our team today to learn more about all of Brewer’s Property Preservation’s services.



We are proud to announce that we are now servicing the entire state of Arkansas. Our coverage of Arkansas will provide our clients with unprecedented service in an area densely populated with foreclosed properties. If you are in need of a property preservation service provider in the state of Arkansas, please reach out to our team today for more information.