We Make Evictions Quick & Painless


Brewer’s Property Preservation provides eviction services to clients throughout the Mid-South, including Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. With more than 30 contractors strategically located throughout our service area, we are able to respond to a scheduled eviction in as little as 24 hours. We will be ready at a moment’s notice to take the stress and worry of dealing with an eviction off of your team, and we will ensure that the entire process is handled expeditiously and professionally.



Our Eviction Process is as simple as…


Step 1: Complete and submit the form below so that we have all of the details we need to provide you with a quick and response. This information will allow us to provide an accurate quote for you or your client to review.


Step 2: A member from our team will contact you to confirm the details of the eviction and provide highly competitive pricing. If you have any questions regarding our pricing, our team is available day and night to help answer any questions.


Step 3: Our professional field eviction team will arrive on the scheduled date to quickly complete the eviction from start to finish! Any special requirements you or your client may have will be given special attention so that there are no delays in the eviction and billing process.



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In addition to our eviction service, many clients also find very useful the following services that generally go hand-in-hand with evictions. If you would like additional information on these services, be sure to let our customer relations team know when we speak to discuss your eviction!

  • Boarding of Unsecured Openings

  • Winterizations

  • De-Winterizations

  • Other Client-Specific Requests

  • Maid Services

  • Code Compliance

  • Lock Changes

  • Grass Cuts